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USB Device Toolbox v4.0 Green Free Download

Usb Device Toolbox 4.0 is a very practical U disk and memory card detection and repair tool collection software. Mainly with u disk speed test, u disk repair tool, u disk detector, u disk wizard, usb device detection, usb chip detection and mobile hard disk low grid, u disk / memory card data recovery and other 20 applications to help users Repair any type of u disk and memory card, users in need are welcome to download it for free.

Software features

1, a large number of U disk repair tools built to help you repair any type of U disk.

2, internal hard disk detection tools, data backup tools, removable disk data can be backed up.

3, built-in memory card settings, you can view the starter, data packet size, length, transmission rate.

4, support chip information viewing capabilities, from the USB controller and USB devices to view the data information.

The main function

1. U disk repair tool (PortFree production Program 3.27)

2, U disk partition management (UFDUtility)

3, U disk expansion testing (MyDiskTest V2.50)

4, U disk detector (U disk detector v5.3)

5, U disk speed test (USB mobile disk speed benchmark test)

6, U disk RAW format repair (RAW Tools v1.0)

7, charm color U disk spirit v1.63

8, MP3/U disk formatting (MDBoot)

9, Flash memory parameter query (Flash Flash Wizard – Flash Parameter Finder v2.9)

10, start U disk production (FlashBoard Wizard finished version)

11, MMC card professional repair (MMC Medic professional repair tool)

12, SD_MMC_U disk repair (Mformat v1.00 Chinese version)

13, SDFix2G_SD memory card repair (SKYmedi Fix 2GB Capacity)

14. SD_TF_MMC_ Memory Stick Repair (USBoot 1.70-WINXP/2000)

15, memory card transmission rate detection (ATTO Disk Benchmark Chinese Version)

16, USB device detection (USBDeview v1.15)

17. USB chip detection (CHip Genius v2.70)

18, Hard Disk Low Leve1 Format Tool 2.36

19, U disk memory card data recovery (SMART FLASH RECOVERY)

20, SD/MMC/MiniSD mass production (black) (MMC/SD_MPTooL_v1.2.7)


1. Some Chinese versions are vulnerable to false alarms by anti-virus software, but they do not affect the overall use. Users are required to operate as required.

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