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How to delete branding machine and notebook hidden partitions

Holidays in order to delete the hidden partition of Lenovo to complete the collapse of the old loom’s machine, take a look at it.

Many QQ groups and forum friends often ask questions: How can my computer not install the system? Can only install vista or install xp? An installation of ghost xp system is not installed is constantly restart? In fact, these problems are almost caused by the same reason, that is, the hidden partition built into the brand machine. Sometimes it is not a branding machine. When the computer is installed in the computer, some technicians also help you hide a partition on the hard disk. If you do not see it, you are not afraid of accidental deletion and it is also convenient for them to recover. However, it is inconvenient for us to suffer from the above problems. Therefore, the light here to share with you, how to delete the hidden partition? Get some methods by searching the web, as follows:

1. Delete the ordinary hidden recovery partition: Disk Management, select the hidden partition in the hard disk partition diagram, right-click and select “Delete Disk Partition”.

2. Remove Lenovo notebook LEOS: The new generation of Lenovo notebooks uses a key recovery technology called ‘LEOS’ to back up and restore hard disk data. This function is implemented through a program integrated in the BIOS and under WINGDOWS. One of the interface software cooperates with each other, that is, to establish a non-implicit partition on the hard disk to perform the backup of the primary partition (also known as the C drive), so that when the file system is destroyed, a key is restored, and the ordinary operation cannot be performed. Modifying the area in front of the C drive (approximately 5G). It is not difficult to delete it. First restart the computer. In the LENOVO interface, press the “Restore/Custom” button in the upper right corner of the keyboard, and a key recovery will occur. The simple interface, there are only two options, one is the system recovery, the other is the software and driver recovery, then press ‘Shift + B’, enter the password ‘Lenovo’ will appear a standard recovery interface, in this interface Select Uninstall Backup. If the above method cannot be solved, you can use the boot CD to DOS to run the LEOS management software. Type LEOSTOOL/DB, turn off the backup function, and then type “LEOSTOOL/DLEOS” to delete the Lenovo backup system.

3. Remove ThinkPad’s HPA: Currently HPA notebooks are mostly created using Phoenix First-EareRecover software, which is naturally deleted by software components. For ThinkPad series notebooks, this component is found in the Recovery directory of the first recovery CD-Fwdelete. , To remove HPA, you must first set up the BIOS, enter the Thinkpad notebook’s BIOS, select ‘Security – Predesktop Area’ to ‘Access IBM PredesktopArea’ set to ‘Disable’. Then use the CD to boot to DOS, in the DOS interface Enter ‘Fwdelete drv=0all’ and press Enter to delete the stubborn HPA. After repartitioning, you can use all the hard disk space.

4. Delete Lenovo laptop HPA: Some Lenovo notebooks need to use Lenovo’s hidden partition unloading tool Hddfunc/HPATool uninstall, Hddfunc use is relatively simple, use the CD to boot to DOS mode, and then run the ‘Hddfunc / d’ command in DOS You can uninstall the hidden hard disk backup data. For HPA partitions that cannot be deleted by Hddfunc, you need to use HPATool. Type “HPATool/clr” under DOS to clear all the available module records.

5. Delete HPA of Tongfang Notebook: Tongfang’s notebook is set up by a software called (emergency center) to establish the system HPA recovery partition, which usually occupies the system’s 8GB-10GB hard disk space, and can be uninstalled for the same-party notebook (emergency center) After the software, use UlockHPA to delete the hidden HPA partition by booting the system to DOS mode using the CD-ROM, and then running ‘UlockHPA-d’ in DOS mode. The command can delete the hidden hard disk backup data area and restart it. Computers can use hidden partitions using PQMagi’s partitioning software. (Prompt that when the USB interface in the system is inserted into the flash memory or USB removable hard disk, the software will fail, so this operation cannot use the flash boot system).

6. Universal HPA deletion method: HPA can be deleted with the MHDD hard disk tool’s nh-pa command. If you can’t delete HPA with your previous method, you can try the MHDD nhpa command. The method is very simple. Run MHDD, press “Shift+F3” on the main screen to select the hard disk, it will come out of the hard disk list, select the hard disk (usually the hard disk is the first IDE device of the main IDE channel, select “1”), and then enter “nhpa ‘Press ‘Y’ to go.

Delete the system’s own recovery partition, whether it is hidden or HPA protection partition has a certain degree of danger, may damage the system data, it is recommended that the operator before the operation to do a backup in advance, delete the system partition, but also use PQMagic The hidden partitions that are deleted can only be used after a new military partition is created.

The method for removing hidden partitions from others is: In the dos state, enter the PQ partition magician (this is the basic disc now? Sometimes called the PM with the same software, just different name only), you can see immediately Hide the partition, delete the hidden partition, transfer to the C drive, increase the capacity of the C drive.

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