What should everyone know

Not a store

Tiergames is not a store. TG is exclusively designed for creative minds to make up challenging and entertaining games for the participants.

We produce the games

Game designers may create the concept for the game, but it is up to Tiergames team to render that concept into a working and a real game. Liability falls on us.

Concept and reality

Turning a game concept into a reality is a complex task. We will do our best to collaborate with designers and available resources to make the best game possible.

What should backers know

Explore the game campaign

Learn about the game details from the campaign page, comments and updates. Know if the campaign is flexible or all-in. Read rewards carefully.


Know how each reward affects your possible participating in the creation of the game. Some games may require multiple reward backing to have full experience.

Ask Questions

Games will vary in complexity and it is useful to ask the community and game designers about the game and what it intends to achieve.

What should Game Designers know


Know the rules of the game to expedite the game draft to the public. Know the mechanic of the Tiergames to format the correct game and to estimate Tier and Rank.

Be Vague

Do not worry about the details. Design a concept first, you can not account for everything. This is why Tiergames team will work with you to iron out greater details.


Approximately estimate the budget for the game – use Google. The final production estimate may change the Tier or the Rank of the game. TG will also do their estimate.

What should players know


Players should know the rules of Tiergames. Like in any game breaking the rules could potentially lead to disqualification. Know when and how to qualify for team perks.

The Game

Know the wining condition to the game. Know what is and is not allowed in each particular game. You or your team will not be able to participate in every game.


Make sure you have the right number of people for the game. Teams will be given an advance notice when their game will start so that they can prepare for it.

What we do


TG produces the games. We reach out to right people and companies to arrange and set up the games for our players to participate in.


The budget for the games go directly to the people and companies that need to set and configure the game platform and design.

Changing the world

Changing the world one game at a time. It will begin as silly games, but gradually and then dramatically it will turn into phenomenal – world changing games.