Where are the games played?

The headquarters for the Tiergames is New York, USA. The initial games will start in New York, and we will expand our playing field, as we grow.

If you would like to affiliate with us or become a representative and maybe employed, please use  contact us here.

I can't make it to the game, but my team does and wins. What happens to me?

Unfortunately, you will not get any points or prize money, but you will advance further in the tiers in that team.

You can also join with another group to play the missed game again, if they take you in.


Digital transfer, Paypal or chase email wire transfer. Please make sure that your email is valid and correct.

Is this a ARG (Augmented Reality Games)

It can be, but it is not. Tiergames is about unleashing imagination and creating fun and engaging games for the players.

This is a sandbox for everyone to play and to create.

Your imagination is the only limitation.

Can I play alone?

Hypothetically, yes, it is possible to play alone, but you still have to be in a team.

We cannot predict what kind of games everyone would like to create, so it is possible some games can challenge only a single player from a team to make it a duel.