Anyone who wishes to participate in the Tiergames is required to undergo an audition.

An audition is designed to evaluate a player. Four basic tests will be asked of everyone + one special question.


Bring an ID
1. Morals and Ethics questions 5 to 10 mins to complete.
2. Psychological questions 5 to 10 mins
3. Introductions 1 to 5 mins, depending on the number of players auditioning.
4. Random Physical Test may be asked from participants 12 to 20 mins


A Meetup will be available for players where they network and obtain vital information. Players are encouraged to share contact information.

After Audition, teams that form or meet the minimum of three players need to contact Tiergames with the names of players in the team.

When the game is set for production, players will receive an email or mobile text with the details.
Players that miss the game do not receive points or prize rewards.


To determine your fitness ability and qualification for Tiergames, please use these exercise sets. One set = Tier 1, three sets = Tier 3 and so on.
During the audition, you may be asked to prove that you are able to do that.

The workout sets are create by Neila Ray, for more workouts please visit her website: